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April 23, 3-5:30 pm EDT

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Heritage Month Seminar: Technology Empowering Political Engagement

May is the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. To celebrate this special occasion, MJSTASE is proud to present a seminar that brings together technologists, political leaders and young students to have a unique discussion on how we can leverage technology to promote political engagement among Asian Americans.

The panel of four speakers are:

Mr. Bai Tian

a GIS expert

Ms. Carolyn Bourdeaux

US Congresswoman of Georgia

Mr. Ted Terry

DeKalb County Commissioner

Mr. George Tian

a High School student

The young keynote speaker, George, has been working with Ted in developing a web-based tool to analyze AAPI population and voting data in order to educate, encourage, and empower AAPI towards civic and political engagements. This helps political leaders to understand and connect with AAPI voters more effectively. Business leaders can also benefit from this tool to identify and serve AAPI customers and communities.

Due to the limited size of the venue, please register for the event as early as possible. Look forward to seeing you in April.

Best Regards, Jeffrey YIin Chairman, Board of Directors MJSTA, Southeastern


Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux lives with her family in Suwanee, Georgia and represents Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. In Congress, Carolyn is a strong advocate for affordable health care, an economic recovery that puts workers and small businesses first, investing in her district’s world-class public education system, and developing improved transportation infrastructure to unlock economic opportunity.

Commissioner Ted Terry is a member of the DeKalb County Commission in Georgia, representing District 6, since January 2021. Prior to that, he served as mayor of Clarkston, Georgia from 2014 to 2020. The city has been referred to as "the most diverse square mile in America" and "the Ellis Island of the South.”

Mr. Bai Tian is an expert in GIS, environmental science, and geology. He has been managing Parsons Corporation’s SE region GIS operations since March 2002. His department have worked over 1,000 projects internationally. In October 2013, Mr. Tian was invited to the GIS for the United Nations and the International Community Conference, New York City to discuss GIS related standards, policies, applications, and future trends and developments.

Mr. George Tian is a senior student of Lambert High School. He is the president of the Speech & Debate Club, Semi-Finalist of National Tournament of Champions (TOC) Silver 2020, ranked 3rd in the world in 2021 by the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA), and founder/head coach of the Association of Student Leaders in Action (ASLA) Debate Program. He is a recipient of the MJSTASE Young Achiever Award in 2021.

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