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About Monte Jade 


Monte Jade Science & Technology Association Southeastern U.S. (Monte Jade SE) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Georgia. The missions of MJSTASE are as follows: 


  • Promote technology development and entrepreneurship

  • Promote investment in business and development of business

  • Promote exchange of information on current industry trends and business information among members

  • Promote technology transfer, technology exchange, and create opportunities for international cooperation

  • Promote technology awareness, encourage innovation and learning, and help enhance the competitive edge of the community




  • 鼓勵科技創業

  • 研究投資及經營之問題

  • 加強會員之溝通聯繫,交換商情,掌握商機

  • 提倡技術轉移,科技交流,並積極創造國際合作機會

  • 推廣科技新知,獎勵創新和學習,幫助華人提升競爭優勢

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