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Modex 2024

MODEX是北美和南美區域所舉辦的最盛大與業界參與度最高的製造業與供應鏈博覽會。活動將於 2024 年 3 月 11 日至 14 日在亞特蘭大喬治亞世界會議中心舉行。美東南玉山科技協會與MHI(美國最大的物料搬運、物流和供應鏈協會)共同推廣本次活動。

MODEX 今年將舉辦 5 場主題演講、200 場教育課程,超過 1,175 家業界領先之供應商將展示用於製造、供應鏈和運輸的新人工智慧技術。 以下為展覽會議導覽:




MODEX is the largest manufacturing and Supply Chain Expo held in North and South America.

The event will be held Mar 11-14 2024 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. Monte Jade Southeast organization is promoting this event together with MHI (the nation's largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association) for this event. MODEX will feature 5 keynotes, 200 educational sessions and over 1,175 leading providers will showcase new AI technology used in manufacturing, supply chain and transportation.

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