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2019 MJIC Winner

Concept Product Winner

Ocean Garbage Patch Re-locator

A Possible Solution to the Ocean Garbage Epidemic

The concept proposed a solution, on a global scale, that utilizes the ocean current to relocate great amount of garbages close to shore for easy large scale manned removal operation by teams of special-purpose ships. For the hardware, each unit will be modular with propulsion, solar power, guidance, navigation and control (GNC), bio-inspired marine debris filter, etc. Units work together to create a dynamic network that is capable of re-configuring squadron formation and push various size and amount of trash towards the ocean current. With the proposed solution, the aim is to alleviate and eventually eliminate the ocean garbage pollution epidemic is a steady and effective way.

Winning Team

Po-Wei Huang was a second-year MS student at Georgia Tech. Driven by the aspiration in creating renewable energy, he has been working on developing the next-generation electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries as an undergrad student. After joining Georgia Tech, he worked on innovative electrochemical-related research, e.g., electrochemical mining method and flow battery.

​Devin Wu graduated from Penn State University as an Aerospace engineering major and a Biomedical engineering minor in 2018. He has been pursuing a MS degree in Aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech. As a graduate research assistant, Devin was working under the ODESSA Space Situational Awareness project.

Ming-Jui (Carl) Li was a first-year PhD student at Georgia Tech, from Tainan, Taiwan. He conducted research on 3D nano-packaging for semiconductors. This project was a great opportunity to rethink the daily usage of plastic and how it affects our ocean.

Future Tires Winner (Sponsored by Maxxis Tires)

3D Printed Smart Tires with Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Focusing on Autonomous Vehicles

The innovation proposes a self-powered piezoelectric sensor to be 3D printed with the tire tread for future tire. The strain sensor provides real road-tire interaction data when 3D printing gives scope for repair and customization with unparalleled design and manufacturing flexibility.

Winning Team

Omar Frauk Emon worked in Dr. Jae-Won Choi’s Advanced Additive Manufacturing Lab at the University of Akron. He received the BS degree in mechanical engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2012. His research focus was 3D printed soft electronics where he developed the printing system and materials for 3D printing a soft pressure sensor with the tread pattern on a free-form tire surface.


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