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Monte Jade Southeastern
Science & Technology Association

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About Us

The Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (Southeastern U.S.), is a non-profit organization aimed to promote entrepreneurship in advanced science and technology; to establish a common forum to network and share best practices in investment, technology, management and business opportunities; to create opportunities for the cooperation and mutual flow of technology and investment globally.

Monte Jade SE conducts technology seminars, various events and an Annual Conference. At the conference, there is award ceremony for Monte Jade Young Achiever Award (YAA) and starting in 2018, the Monte Jade Innovation Competition Award (MJIC).



We create both social and educational events to bring great people together to learn, share, celebrate, and support one another.


We aim to continuously be a part of the discovery and development process of new technology.


We support the next generation of leaders by providing a space for rising professionals to connect with experienced leaders.

Join Us

Monte Jade Science and Technology Association Southeastern USA (Monte Jade SE or MJSTASE) conducts technology seminars, symposium (see our online yearbook) and a ceremony to present Monte Jade Young Achiever Award (YAA) to high school students annually.


In addition to YAA, Monte Jade SE starts offering Monte Jade Innovation Award to college students in 2018.

Please support Monte Jade by becoming a Member or a Sponsor.

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