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大學申請講座 (8/21/2022, Standard Club)

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

玉山科技主辦,豐盛基金會(Awsome Team Foundation)及台灣青商會協辦。因新冠疫情停辦兩年,八月舉辦線上及實體座談會,逾百人參加。理事長尹立伯介紹玉山科技協會宗旨及歷史,說明玉山科技青年獎申請規章。

座談會由豐盛基金會創辦人邱婷蘭,Sachi Koto傳播公司暨前CNN主播Sachi Koto 及Lenox教育諮詢機構資深教練Beverly Lenox共同主講。

邱婷蘭講解各類大學獎助學金,填寫申請聯邦學生援助表格 (FAFSA)注意事宜,並列舉不同性質的助學金。她綜述投資申報類別及範疇,作為對家中有升學子女的財務計劃參考。


Lenox 分析入學申請的短文範例,指出一般學生在寫作上常犯的錯誤。她認為藉著作文可以在萬人中脫穎而出,令主審員印象深刻。 學生也應考量學校是否符合自己的發展方向,非以進入名校為目標。

College Application Seminar (8/21/2022, Standard Club)

Organized by MJSTASE and co-hosted by Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce and the Awesome Team Foundation.

Suspended for two years due to the pandemic, the annual college application seminar was held, with over 100 participants attending both in-person and virtually. Chairman Jeffrey Yiin started the event with an introduction of the organization. Dr. Yiin also took the opportunity to promote the Young Achiever Awards (YAA) and encouraged students to seize the opportunity to apply.

This year's lecture featured: 1) Ms. Ting Chiu, founder of Awesome Team Foundation, 2) Ms. Sachi Koto, former CNN anchor and director of Sachi Koto communications, Inc. and 3) Ms. Beverly Lenox, senior college application coach and head of Lenox education consulting agency.

Ms. Chiu introduced various opportunities for college scholarships and explained the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form. She explained the types of assets that can be exempted from the FAFSA, which helps families plan the financial allocations.

Ms. Koto used communication skills as a starting point to give students advice and reminders through a variety of communication channels, including email and social media, and taught students interview skills in an interactive way.

Ms. Lenox emphasized essay writing skills for admissions applications. With her many years of writing experience in guiding students, she first pointed out the common mistakes that most students had while writing essays, and then used her student’s composition as an example to guide the attendees on how to compose a successful essay to attract attention from admissions officers. Ms. Lenox finally emphasized that it is gratifying to obtain admission to a prestigious school, but each student should also consider whether the school itself matches his/her own future direction.



台灣青商會會長 Andrew Peters

理事長尹立伯介紹 YAA


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