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創業座談 (2/12/2022 僑教中心)

甘斯維爾台商會主辦、亞城IBM退休聯誼會(IBM Quarter Century Club),亞城世華工商婦女會及玉山科技協辦。邀請三位主講者,會議以線上與實體同步進行,約80人參加。

Indra Sofian分享創辦Sora Schools過程與收穫。從喬治亞理工學院大學宿舍的白板草案起,短短兩年成為盈利百萬公司。 他為夢想執行家,有感於目前高中教育不足,結合自己對製作短片的經驗與熱愛,與同學二人共同建立公司。雖遇瓶頸挫折,憑藉執著滿足客戶需求,不斷改進,終成規模。

Meade Sutterfield 以參與新創公司及多年顧問的經歷,說明如何創業。他強調大部分的創業若沒有堅持,數年後會被取代:例如臉書超越友你友我(Myspace) 。他説投資方雖重要,但非成業關鍵,創業家堅持初衷,不斷革新改進才是成功之道。


Entrepreneur Seminar (2/12/2022, Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office)

The seminar was organized by Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Gainesville Georgia and co-hosted by Atlanta IBM QCC, GFCBW-ATL and Monte Jade Science and Technology Association Southeastern (MJSTASE). Eighty participated either in-person or via Zoom.

The three speakers, Martin Chen, Indra Sofian, and Meade Sutterfield shared their valuable knowledge and experience.

Sofian, a Chinese-Indonesian American, spoke on how he and his 2 Georgia Tech classmates went from scribbling an idea on how to improve the US education system on a dorm whiteboard to their successful startup company (Sora Schools) within 2 years after graduating from GA Tech. Their company has gone from 0 to 150 students and has received over $21M in venture capital money since 2019.

Sutterfield is a successful entrepreneur/private equity investor. He spoke on his nearly 50 years of prospective in the startup world, from working in a rapidly growing tech company for 7 years (Scientific-Atlanta) to starting two venture backed wireless companies (JCC & Powerfone). He then spent 30 years working with VC’s as an angel investor and board member. He has valuable ideas about what differentiates success from failure in building companies that create value.

Director Chen of TECO Economic Division also spoke on the Introduction to Taiwan's Startup Cluster at this seminar.

Content shared by Jimmy Ku, President of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Gainesville Georgia (TCCGG)


Meade Sufferfield (Speaker)

駐亞特蘭大經文處經濟組組長陳新發(Martin Chen)(speaker)

Indra Sofian (Speaker)


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