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Young Achiever Award (YAA)

Established in 1994, the Monte Jade Young Achiever Award (YAA) is to recognize outstanding high school students from the 11th and 12th grades as exemplary youth for young Chinese American.

The Monte Jade YAA are made possible by our sponsors who believe in youth development.

The Monte Jade YAA categories are:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Leadership

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

  • Inspiration

  • and others

The YAA application requirement is similar to most of the college application requirements. Applicants may take advantage of this opportunity to have an early start in the preparation of college application. 

2020 美東南玉山科技青年奬開始接受申請




MJSTASE 2020 Young Achiever Award Application (2020玉山科技青年獎線上報名)

聯絡人: Noel Nee

If email is not possible, please have these documents mailed to following address.

Mr. Noel Nee

Attn: MJ YAA

Submission and Deadlines

Please note that we will start accepting YAA online applications on August 08, 2021. Applicants need to submit the required documentation NO LATER than 11:59 pm Saturday, September 12, 2021. Conventional delivery, i.e., via USPS, UPS or FedEx, of recommendation letters and/or transcripts need to be postmarked by September 12, 2021.

After submitting the form, you are still allowed to come back to the form to make changes until September 12.

Applicants should use ONE of the following means to submit the supporting documentation:


• Drop the files (in word, pdf or jpg/png format) to the Google Drive folder assigned to the applicant; the link will be emailed to you after the online application form is submitted.

• Email the files to

It is preferred that recommendation letters and transcripts be electronically mailed to directly from your school and/or teacher/coach. However, if email is not possible, please have these documents mailed to:

Mr. Noel Nee
Attn: MJSE 2021 YAA
5010 Everly Lane
Johns Creek, GA 30097

MJSTASE Young Achiever Award Committee, consisting of five judges, will review the applications to decide the award recipients. The final award recipients will be determined by Oct 10, 2021.


Important Notes

Please note the following:
  • Applications from previous Young Achiever Award recipients will not be accepted.

  • All the award recipients are required to attend the award ceremony. The award will not be given to the absentees.
       If the COVID-19 pandemic persists and large gathering is not allowed by CDC, then the award ceremony may be
      arranged as a virtual ceremony.

  • Talent performance at the award ceremony is highly encouraged for the award recipients.
       If the COVID-19 pandemic persists and large gathering is not allowed by CDC, then individual talent performance can be
       submitted in video format to be posted on MJSTA-SE website.

  • You may download examples of resume and bio at this link:

  • MJSTASE Young Achiever Award is open to the children of the MJSTASE members. If your parents are not members, one of
       your parents need to join the MJSTASE by clicking Here.


Required Documentation

Applicants need to submit the following: 

  • The online application form

  • A recommendation letter from your high school teacher or counselor

  • A recommendation letter from an extracurricular teacher/coach

  • A copy of your most recent high school transcripts

  • An essay in 500 words or less summarizing your achievements, leadership skills, community service, and future career goals

  • A resume

  • A brief bio in 100 words or less for MJSTA-SE Annual Conference Year Book

  • A 2-3 minute video clip to introduce yourself, your interests, hobbies, and future goals (be creative!!)

  • A video clip, recording, pictures, other relevant media or a combination of these items that pertain to your artistic discipline (Special Talent Award applicants only)

  • A copy of your SAT, ACT, or PSAT score

  • A digital copy of a recent photo (passport size: 1.3" width preferred)


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